10 Questions With…

Hello fellow readers, we should really come up with a nickname for people who read this blog.  I had an idea for the blog yesterday and ran it by an author to see what their thoughts were.  They really liked it, maybe even loved it.  I present:

10 Questions With…

This will be a way for us to get to know the authors we read a little bit better.  I sent some message to authors that I read and follow and also posted on a few group pages.  The response I received blew me away.  I could not believe how many authors are willing to do this.

My initial plan was to release one interview per week, but as the day went on I am having second thoughts.  In less than twenty four hours I have forty nine authors that want to participate.  That is almost a year worth of interviews if I do one per week.  Due to the overwhelming response I have received I am now thinking about releasing two interviews per week..That currently leaves me with almost six months worth of interviews.  I do not want to give away any spoilers on who has agreed to do this, but there are some pretty big names in the Indie Publishing World that have agreed.

Could you please take the two polls below.  The first one will decide if we should do one or two or more interviews per week and the second poll is for what day(s) I will release the interviews on (pick up to three days).  If more people want two interviews per week then the top two days will win.  If more people only want one interview per week then the top day will win.


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