Review: The Rebirths Of Tao (Tao Series Book 3)

Since this is my first review being posted on The Leighgendarium, let me give you a quick summary of the first two books in this series.

Book One is called The Lives Of Tao.

When out-of-shape IT technician Roen woke up and started hearing voices in his head, he naturally assumed he was losing it.

He wasn’t.

He now has a passenger in his brain – an ancient alien life-form called Tao, whose race crash-landed on Earth before the first fish crawled out of the oceans. Now split into two opposing factions – the peace-loving, but under-represented Prophus, and the savage, powerful Genjix – the aliens have been in a state of civil war for centuries. Both sides are searching for a way off-planet, and the Genjix will sacrifice the entire human race, if that’s what it takes.

Meanwhile, Roen is having to train to be the ultimate secret agent. Like that’s going to end up well…

The Lives Of Tao is a great book.  It really grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go of the end.  Not only is their humor, there is also action, and a little love story.  The book is not predicable and I did not some of the twists and turns coming.  Currently (as of July 13, 2015) The Lives Of Tao is $1.99 for the Kindle.  I cannot think of a better $1.99 that you could spend today.  Click here to pick it up.

Book Two is called The Deaths Of Tao.

The Prophus and the Genjix are at war. For centuries they have sought a way off-planet, guiding humanity’s social and technological development to the stage where space travel is possible. The end is now in sight, and both factions have plans to leave the Earth, but the Genjix method will mean the destruction of the human race.

That’s a price they’re willing to pay.

It’s up to Roen and Tao to save the world. Oh, dear…

The Deaths Of Tao takes place several years after Book One.  Not only is there a war going one between the Prophus and the Genjix, Roen is a Dad.  The book still has the humor the first book has, but the story of the war gets a little deeper and you can see what the story will revolve around for the rest of the series..  The Deaths Of Tao is just as entertaining and Book One and might even have you up late to finish it.

Now, Book Three, The Rebirths Of Tao.

Several years have passed since the events in The Deaths of Tao. The world is split into pro-Prophus and pro-Genjix factions, and is poised on the edge of a devastating new World War. A Genjix scientist who defects to the other side holds the key to preventing bloodshed on an almost unimaginable scale.

With the might of the Gengix in active pursuit, Roen is the only person who can help him save the world, and the Quasing race, too. And you thought you were having a stressful day…

Like Book Two, The Rebirths of Tao takes place some years down the road.  Roen’s son, Cameron is now a teenager, and the war between the Prophus and Genjix is still on going.

The Rebirths Of Tao is just as good or better than the previous two books.  I have never read anything like this series before, that I can remember.  The interaction between the people and the aliens living inside of them is great and sometimes very humorous.  Each person and alien have their own personality and so the interactions are all different.  Wesley Chu has also done a great job with character development.  I grew to care about certain characters and loathe others, a lot.  You cannot wait to see where each character’s  story goes and how they will grow and if they will listen to the aliens inside of them or if they will choose their own path, even with the characters you loathe

The Rebirths Of Tao is a great way to end the series, but I have heard he going back and writing stories with some other characters.  I cannot wait to see what else Wesley Chu writes.  He makes a great addition to my Leighgendarium.

Rating:  9/10 Stars

The Lives Of Tao (Tao Series Book 1)
Click here to get it for $1.99 on the Kindle

The Deaths Of Tao (Tao Series Book 2)

The Rebirths Of Tao (Tao Series Book 3)

If you remember, the other day I did a poll on what I should read next.  You voted and the winner by 1 vote is………….


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