Review: Writer’s Block (The Weston Files Book 1)

Stu Remington is a successful novelist. He’s sold millions of books and his fans eagerly await the last installment of his trilogy, but Stu can’t finish it because he doesn’t know what happens next. To combat his writer’s block, he types a nonsense story on an antique typewriter, and to his amazement, the story comes true. What happens next will change Stu’s life forever.

Hank Garner wrote a short story that I liked with The Witching Hour: a short story (The Weston Files), he grabbed my attention with his story Bloom, and he became a permanent top shelf Leighgendarium Author with Mulligan: A Tale of Time Travel and Second Chances (The Mulligan Cycle Book 1).

Now, when Hank Garner writes a story I have high expectations.  He delivers again with Writer’s Block (The Weston Files Book 1).  I don’t want to say too much because this is a short story and I can’t say much without giving the story away.  Writer’s Block introduces us to Stu Remington and his antique typewriter.  I cannot wait to see what things Stu will do with it, as well as what is going to happen with a few other characters.  Another great story that is going to set up some wonderful stories.  I highly recommend any of Hank Garner’s stories.

Rating:  9/10 Stars


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