Leighgendary Shorts

What is Leighgendary Shorts you ask?

This will be a weekly post where we will all read a short story and I will post a review and we can discuss the story in the comment section.

How will this work?  Long answer:  As I said, this will be a weekly series.  On Tuesdays I will put up a review/discussion about a short story and we can discuss it through the comments.  At the bottom of the blog will be a poll.  You, the readers, will get to vote on an anthology or short story.  If an anthology wins the vote I will randomly pick a story out of the anthology.  If a story, that is not in an anthology, wins then we will read that.  Each Thursday I will announce what has won.

Short answer:  Tuesdays will be a discussion/vote day and Thursday the new story will be announced.

I hope that this will introduce some new authors to you and hopefully we will read some of your favorites as well.  I can’t wait to see what is read and what is discussed.

Before the voting starts let me preface it with this.  I went through my Kindle and wrote down all of the anthologies or short stories I had, I have 37 anthologies/short stories.  In order to make this fair, and not have 37 different options for you to vote on, I typed the titles up and numbered it 1-37.  I then went to Random Number Generator and had it pick 5 numbers.  Those are the titles that are below.  After a winner is chosen, I will then use Random Number Generator to pick the next 5 titles.  If you have any suggestions for short stories or anthologies let me know.  If I do not already have it I will add it to my list and we will just let the list keep on growing.

Voting will go through 7/29/15 and the winner will be announced on 7/30/15.  You may vote every 12 hours.  

Let the voting begin (book summaries are below the poll):

Robots. Androids. Artificial Intelligence. Scientists predict that the “singularity” — the moment when mankind designs the first greater-than-human intelligence — is nearly within our grasp. Believe it or not, truly sentient machines may be a reality within as little as 20 years.

Will these “post-human” intelligences be our friends? Our servants? Our rivals? What will we learn from them? What will they learn from us? Will we allow them to lead their own lives? Will they have basic human rights? Will we?

Science and society will be forced to address these questions sooner than you think. But science fiction is addressing these questions today. In THE ROBOT CHRONICLES, thirteen of today’s top sci-fi writers explore the approaching collision of humanity and technology.

The inhabitants of Yeitr Prime use what they call a Contact Window to reach new worlds and civilizations. Gatr and his young lieutenant are sent on a mission to make first contact, but face a narrow chance at success. When disaster strikes, will they abort the mission or continue on in the face of danger?

If you’re a regular backer of Kickstarters, you’ve probably seen some unique crowdfunding projects in your time. But one thing all of those campaigns—boringly!—had in common was: They abided by the physical laws of the universe!

HELP FUND MY ROBOT ARMY!!! is an anthology of science fiction/fantasy stories told in the form of fictional crowdfunding project pitches, using the components (and restrictions) of the format to tell the story. This includes but is not limited to: Project Goals, Rewards, User Comments, Project Updates, FAQs, and more. The idea is to replicate the feel of reading a crowdfunding pitch, so that even though the projects may be preposterous in the real world, they will feel like authentic crowdfunding projects as much as possible.

From the author of The Dead Planet Series, embark on a journey that brings humanity against an alien race. Both sides have fought for centuries and in the eyes of one man the war may finally be over, but at what cost.

For centuries, men and women have manned lighthouses to ensure the safe passage of ships. It is a lonely job, and a thankless one for the most part. Until something goes wrong. Until a ship is in distress.

In the 23rd century, this job has moved into outer space. A network of beacons allows ships to travel across the Milky Way at many times the speed of light. These beacons are built to be robust. They never break down. They never fail.

At least, they aren’t supposed to.


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