The First Leighgendary Shorts Is…

Thank you to everyone who is interested in having a short story to read and discuss every week and thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for the very first Leighgendary Shorts.

Before we get to the results let me just summarize how this will work.  On Thursdays I will announce the Leighgendary Shorts winner is and I will release the newest poll for next set of stories to choose from.  On Tuesday I will put up my thoughts on the short story and ask your opinion or some other question.  I will also put a link to the latest poll for the next set of short stories.  Since we will be discussing the story the posts will not be spoiler free.

With that being said, I closed the voting last night at midnight.  With 56% of the votes, the winner is The Robot Chronicles.  Since this is an anthology, I counted up the number of stories and went to and had it select a number. selected #1.  The first story in The Robot Chronicles is Glitch by Hugh Howey.

When a robot defies his programming, is he broken? Or is he something else?

If you do not have this story, there are two ways you can get it:

1.)  Buy The Robot Chronicles

Currently, The Robot Chronicles is $5.99 for the Kindle or Kindle App.  It has 13 stories in it and they are absolutely amazing.  This is by far one of my favorite Future Chronicles book.

Or you can

2.)  Buy Glitch by Hugh Howey

Glitch is $.99 for the Kindle or Kindle App.

It has been a year since I read this story and I cannot wait to reread it.  I hope you enjoy this story.  If you do or don’t, let’s discuss it on Tuesday.

Here is the poll for the next set of stories.  Voting will go until Wednesday night, August 5, at midnight.  You can vote every 12 hours.

When a young man finds a rare comic book in his late grandfather’s attic, he dreams of the fortune that will soon be coming his way, but he soon discovers that life doesn’t always work out the way we plan.

An anthology of short stories by Paul B. Kohler.  Amy – A toddler’s independent adventure leads to a tragic and unexpected end. Ruined Sacrifice – Newlyweds James and Alison are on the trip of a lifetime, trekking through the jungle exploring ancient pyramids. Told that a number of interesting structures are off-limits, they decide to wander off on their own … only to discover that they’re not alone — and that the ancient past has a dangerous habit of springing back to life! Afterlife – Wilson Oliver copes with his new reality of dealing with the dead and dying. Alone – A sleepless night forces Rob McArthur to question what is causing him to lose sleep, life, and whether he’s alone in his feelings. Gold Rush – A futuristic glimpse of an age-old era that time has forgotten. Lookout Mountain – Depression nearly gets the best of Ian, but his mind saves him before he firmly hits the ground.

Stu Remington is a successful novelist. He’s sold millions of books and his fans eagerly await the last installment of his trilogy, but Stu can’t finish it because he doesn’t know what happens next. To combat his writer’s block, he types a nonsense story on an antique typewriter, and to his amazement, the story comes true. What happens next will change Stu’s life forever.

Zack Mason is an ordinary boy, working his way quietly through high school. When armed terrorists take over the school, Zack must summon all his courage to lead his classmates in victory against the threat.

In 2055, scientists discover something far worse than rising temperatures and rising seas–they discover massive sunspots that are producing unprecedented solar flares.

With little time to prepare for the storms, NASA recruits Drs. Sophie Winston and Emanuel Rodriguez to help monitor the solar weather. At first, the duo believes they have been hired for a routine project. But when arriving at the Johnson Space Center they quickly realize they haven’t been told everything about their mission. And as a massive storm races toward Earth, they begin to suspect that it isn’t a natural event. Millions of miles away something is feeding the storms…


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