10 Questions With Bob Williams

Welcome Leighgendaries to the twelfth edition of 10 Questions With…

Today, our guest is:


Bob Williams

Bob Williams lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Sara, their 4 year old daughter Kate, 2 dogs (Pearl and Henry), and 2 cats (Cassidy and Wally). Bob also contributes to the obesity of a stray cat named Pete, a possum named Linus, and numerous squirrels and birds.

It’s time for

10 Questions With Bob Williams

1.)  What is something that many people might not know about you?

I have a degree in Drama.

2.)  What inspired you to write your first book? 

Well, I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a first draft of a novel length story.  The first Short Story I self-published is called “Smoke,” and that was born of a writing prompt challenge from my brother Brodie.  The challenge was to use the word “smokey.”  Oddly I don’t actually believe I used the word.

3.)  Who is your favorite author and what is it that really strikes you about their work?

Ha! That’s like asking a kid, “What’s your favorite candy?”  I like so many different authors but, if you’d allow me to widdle it down to two, it would be John Sandford, and Andrew Vachhs.  No doubt, these two authors write violent and in Vachh’s case disturbing books, but to me as a lifetime reader Sandford’s Lucas Davenport, and Vachh’s Burke, are two of the most real characters I’ve ever read.  The human condition is not always pleasant.  In fact it can be disgusting and brutal, but you have to make your way through however you can.

4.)  If you could have dinner with any author, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

This may shock some of your readers but, I would cherish the opportunity to sit down with Loyd Alexander and talk all about the “Chronicles of Prydain.”  That series of books defined my younger years.  To this day, “The High King” is one of my all-time favorite books.

5.)  What book are you reading now?

As of yesterday, I am reading “Winter of the Wolf Moon,” by Steve Hamilton.  I stumbled up the Alex McKnight series completely by accident and I seriously enjoyed the first book.  I just finished an ARC of Hank Garner’s AW book “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.”  It was brilliant.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

6.)  Are there any new authors that have captured your interest?

There are several! Ernest Cline, Harry Hunsicker, Ernie Lindsey, Scott Lynch, and Jay Posey. Over the last year I have met many new authors in the independent publishing scene who have wonderful to read: Michael Bunker, Nick Cole, Kevin Summers, Chris Pourteau, Kim Wells, E. E. Giorgi, Hank Garner, Garek Rohan.

7.)  If you had to do it all over again, would you change anything in any of your books?

Hmm. That’s a tough one because each of the three stories I’ve written, in and of themselves, have been a part of the learning process for me. As I continue to hopefully grow as a writer I hope to maybe go back one day and tinker with “Smoke.” I feel that could be a novel, I’m just not sure how right now to do that right now.

8.)  Can you share a little of your current work with us? 

My current work is a novel for the Apocalypse Weird Universe. Nick, Rob, Ellen, or Michael might kill me if I do.

9.)  If you were to get rid of one state in the US, which would it be and why? 

That is a question I’m not entirely sure I could answer without making someone angry.

So I will abstain.

10.)  A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? 

Hola mis amigos! Me parece que he cabreado a mi mismo y estoy buscando un cambiode ropa. Tambien me gustaria una bebida con sabor a fruta con un poco de praraguas.

Go ahead, pimp whatever book you want:

Here are a few.

1) Shelf Life by Bob Crosley

Set in the world of Michael Bunker’s Pennsylvania.

Jacob Alders is a young man living in the city of New Detroit, on the Great Shelf of the planet New Pennsylvania. Jacob shares a small apartment with his invalid mother, who is suffering from a disease known as The Wasting, which has turned her into a shell of her former self. Raised to hate TRACE for what they’ve taken from the residents of New Detroit, he’s introduced to the net show of a former Transport director, and starts to question the official story. What starts as simple curiosity turns him into an unwilling pawn between powerful forces and changes his life in ways he could never imagine.

2) The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth by Kevin Summers

What is truth? For nineteen years, Joshua Webb has been asking that question in the pages of his newspaper, The Paradise Ledger. He’s been called a madman, a lunatic and an anarchist, but now he has stumbled upon a story so huge that it could shake the United States to its very foundation. The source of the trouble is Boston Corbett, the man who shot John Wilkes Booth. He claims to possess knowledge of the real perpetrators behind the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, but if his story can be believed, what threat might this hidden truth present to Joshua Webb and the people that he loves?

3) Three by Jay Posey

The world has collapsed, and there are no heroes any more.
But when a lone gunman reluctantly accepts the mantle of protector to a young boy and his dying mother against the forces that pursue them, a hero may yet arise.

4) Strega by Andrew Vachhs

Andrew Vachss’s implacable private eye has a new client, Strega. She wants Burke to find an obscene photograph—and that search will take him into the ocean that flows just beneath the city, an ocean whose currents are flesh and money, the anguish of children and the pleasure of twisted adults. It is a place that Burke can visit only at the risk of his sanity and his life. But between the power of Strega and his own sense of justice, there is no turning back.

In Strega one of our most acclaimed crime writers gives us a thriller that might have been imagined by Dante. For this is a tour of hell with no stops left out, conducted by a novelist who writes with the authority of the damned


I would like to thank Bob Williams for joining us today for 10 Questions With…  I hope that you enjoyed his interview as much as I did.  Please check out Bob’s two short stories, Smoke and Magenta, each only $.99

Looking to get in out of a brutally cold night Daniel enters the club “Smoke.” What he discovers within will force him to make his greatest decision.

Magenta, the perfect housewife uncovers a devastating secret that puts her marriage, and her entire existence at risk.


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