The ThirdLeighgendary Shorts Is…

Wow.  You guys did it again two weeks in a row, the voting was so fun to watch.  I had to release a new poll today because we ended up with a tie after the voting closed.  You guys voted and the winner with 62% of the votes is:

Since this is an anthology, I counted the number or stories and used to pick the story we will read.  The story we will be reading from this anthology is:

Yankari:  A Talking Earth Tale by Ann Christy

They come, and she watches. They hunt, and she warns. Nigeria’s Yankari National Park is a place of nature’s wonder. Tourists come and go, leaving with life-changing experiences and memories they will cherish for the rest of their days. There are others, though. They come to take more than a head filled with memories. They come to take lives and—even worse—trophies. Olisa doesn’t mind the temporary trespass of the tourists. They’re more or less harmless. The poachers are a different story. Even nature has its breaking point. And so does Olisa, who is more than an eight year old girl. She is Yankari’s voice and its weapon. When the two finally meet face to face, it’s not just her survival Olisa finds herself fighting for, but the survival of all who call Yankari home.

I will be honest and tell you that I have not read this story yet, but Ann Christy is a great author and I am sure this story is no different.

If you do not have this story, there are two ways to get it.  You can buy The Powers That Be:  A Superhero Collection on Amazon, it is currently $3.99 and the proceeds from the sale of this book will benefit the Sickle Cell Clinic at Riley Hospital for Children at IU Health.  Or you can buy just Yankari: A Talking Earth Tale on Amazon for $.99

I can’t wait to read this and discuss it with you next week.

The poll for the next Leighgendary Shorts is below.  Please take time and vote for your favorite.  You can vote every twelve hours until Wednesday 8/19/15 at midnight.

What will the third Leighgendary Shorts be?


The Walking Dead meets The Incredible Journey in this thrilling short story of trial and tragedy. The peaceful cool of a fall day is shattered when the Storm of Teeth consumes the world. A little closer to home, a dog watches, terrified, as his human family battles a herd of walking corpses. Forced to leave their pet behind, the family flees for their lives. The dog begins his odyssey through the zombie apocalypse to find them. But what will he find? Experience this dark adventure from the perspective of man’s best friend as he strives to reunite with the boy he loves more than life itself

Intelligent life on other planets: it’s the brass ring of space exploration. Do extra-terrestrial species exist? Will we ever make contact? Perhaps, have we made contact already? In the latest addition to the Future Chronicles series of sci-fi anthologies, the answer to all of these question is a resounding yes. From first contact to last stand, these original short stories range from quiet tales of personal connection to adrenaline-infused inter-species space conflicts. Each tale promises to present you with a different look at what intelligent alien life might be like — and how we Earthlings might respond to it. The Alien Chronicles features stories by bestselling authors Hugh Howey (WOOL), B. V. Larson (the Starforce series), and Jennifer Foehner Wells (Fluency), plus twelve more of today’s top authors in science fiction

The slain beast lies before me. Red grows dry on my sword even while hot blood pools on the earth. Many years ago, I swore I would kill a dragon. I have kept my oath.

What good is an oath fulfilled to a soulless man?

Where Dragons Lie is the story of a young man who leaves his home to kill a dragon and win a girl. What he discovers on his journey will change him forever.

In the future, all our basic needs are taken care of, by an entrepreneur benefactor. But the technology that helps fund that actualized society — Purple Brain Utopia™ — might become the very mechanism that threatens it.

This short story was written on a dare to finish and upload in less than one week. BOO YEAH. *drops microphone*

It begins in an antique store, where a cache of illicit weapons goes missing. It ends in a one-room schoolhouse, where a young girl and a schoolteacher face a standoff with a stranger who claims to be from the future, whose manifest faith will test their own.


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