Review: Pan: The Untold Stories of Neverland (Volume 1)


Neverland has always been their sanctuary—until now. Magic is dying in Neverland and only one pixie is brave enough to search the human world for someone to believe. Tink finds a desolate boy flying in the night, peering in windows, searching for the life he once knew. But can she convince him to abandon his quest and save Neverland? Discover the untold story of the boy destined to become Peter Pan.

I actually stumbled across K.R. Thompson by accident.  There is an event coming up in a town near where I live and I planned on going to this event to meet another author.  I decided to go to the events page on Facebook just to see what would be there besides the author I was going to see.  As I am scrolling through I see some musicians and, of course, some great looking food.  After scrolling for a minute I saw a post by an author that was going to be there and she said, “I’ll be there with my books. 🙂 (Pictures of a few…)”  Below the post there were pictures of a few of her book covers.  I saw the cover for Pan: The Untold Stories Of Neverland and it really intrigued me.  I pulled up Amazon to see what this story was about (see above),and I thought it sounded really interesting so I instantly bought it.

Peter Pan is such a classic story.  I remember when I was little I would watch the Peter Pan featuring Mary Martin as Peter Pan.  “I’m flying (flying, flying, flying!!) Look at me way up high, Suddenly here am I, I’m flying.”  Admit it you were singing along and probably smiling.

Peter Pan is one of those stories that just sticks with you and you will always remember.  K.R. Thompson tells us how each of the characters became who they are.  As the title tells you, we learn about Peter Pan and how he came to Neverland.  Peter’s journey to Neverland is not full of roses either.  We also learn a little about the Lost Boys as well.

Pan is only about 70 pages, once you start reading you really get sucked into the story and it just flies by.  The writing is very solid and there is no point in the story where I felt like it dragged.

As any good writer does, Thompson leaves you wanting more.  In fact, make sure you have Hook (The Untold Stories of Neverland Book 2) handy.  I promise you will want to start it as soon as you finish Pan.

Pan sets up a great foundation for what I believe will be a very good and entertaining series.  I believe any fan of Peter Pan will want to have this story in their collection.

Rating:  8/10 Stars

You can get Pan: The Untold Stories Of Neverland on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle App for $1.99.

You can learn more about K.R. Thompson and her books at her website.

You can also follow her on Facebook.


What is your favorite version of Peter Pan, movie and/or book?


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