The Seventh Leighgendary Shorts Is…

The votes have been counted.  The seventh Leighgendary Shorts, with 64% of the votes is:


Bruce hears voices. Whispers reminding him of death and betrayal. Now he must face the mistakes of his past so he can secure peace in his future.

Ian Garner is an up and coming author in the indie book scene.  I have only read one of his short stories but I did enjoy what I read.  I cannot wait to read this one because it is his very first story he published.

You can get Whispers on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app for only $.99

I look forward to discussing this story with you on Tuesday. I hope you enjoy the story.

Let the voting begin for the next Leighgendary Shorts. Voting will end on September 16, 2015 at 8:00 am (est). You can vote once every twelve hours:

What should be the eighth Leighgendary Shorts?


A Fractured Era Prequel Short Story.
No one knows what really goes on in the Protected Camps… except the Protecteds. It’s a secret that can’t get out. Test Subject 318 wants to die. But if she dies, she’s taking him with her…

Each story in the Fractured Era Archives reveals the truth behind the mysteries hinted at in the bestselling Fractured Era series. This is a short story (20 pages) and originally appeared in The Alien Chronicles anthology.


When artificial intelligence takes over the family practice where he works, Dr. Peter Sawyer struggles to accept his new role as a mere supervisor instead of a clinician.  With the aid of psychotherapy, he slowly adjusts to his new routine, until the sudden death of an anorexic patient makes him question everything, even his own life.

The Final Flight Of Michael Aoki

It’s 1947 and the Soviet Union has nuked the West Coast.  Within weeks, the rest of the United States will follow.  The government has one hope left to defeat the enemy:  the UFO recovered from Roswell.  And pilot Michael Aoki.


The inhabitants of Drakor III shouldn’t have seen the invasion coming, yet when Allied forces arrive for an assault on the dragons’ homeworld, the planet is teeming with life.  After a desperate crash landing that leaves her Carriage destroyed, Aja Skytoucher doesn’t stand a chance – unless she can find a way off the surface.

The Factory

What if slavery never died out?  Martha and Juniper slave away as cogs in a cruel engine.  But Juniper has a secret that could break the machine – for good.


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