The Eighth Leighgendary Shorts Is…

The votes have been counted.  The eighth Leighgendary Shorts, with 67% of the votes is:


The Factory
Michelle Browne

What if slavery never died out?  Martha and Juniper slave away as cogs in a cruel engine.  But Juniper has a secret that could break the machine – for good.

Samuel Peralta has been doing an amazing job with his Future Chronicles anthology series.  I always buy them the day they are released, but sometimes it takes me a little bit before I can read them.  I was excited about this volume when it was released but I have not had the time to read it, my to read stack is so big.

I am so glad that you guys voted for this one to win.  I cannot wait to read this and discuss it with you on Tuesday.  Happy reading.

You can purchase Alt. History 101 on Amazon for $4.49 for your Kindle or Kindle App.

Normally I put a poll at the end of this post for you guys to start voting on the next Leighgendary Short.  I am going to have to wait a few days before I can release the poll.  Please bear with me, it will all be worth it.



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