Flash Fiction Challenge

Welcome to the first Leighgendary Flash Fiction Challenge.  This will be your source for everything that you need to know for this challenge.

Below is a link for the Rules & Guidelines.  If you want to participate, please read them.

Once an author submits a story I will post a story description and a link to the story on this page.

Once the voting period opens, the poll will be located at the bottom of this page.  You will be able to vote once (1) in a twenty-four hour period.  When voting you may vote for three (3) stories.  The story with the most votes wins.

Good luck to the authors and I hope everyone has fun with this!


Rules & Guidelines



Anspach, Jason
Chance Life
We knew the machines would rise up. We didn’t know it would be so soon.

Behn, Brea
The Cleanse
The world as we know it is over due to a global EMP. Survival has been hard for Carrie and her brother Darin. The arrival of a visitor in flames is about to change their world again. Is it the answer to a prayer or the stuff of a nightmare? Find out in, The Cleanse.

Gilliam, Patricia
Jernard Meets The Walters Family
An anthropologist and his wife argue on whether to host an alien family in their home.

Hudson, Grace 
World War K: The Rise of Keith
When the zombie apocalypse began, nobody expected the arrival of Keith Richards.

Laslie, Kevin 
A Dark Return
The Archetype races are nearing the time of their prophesized return to Eorpe. Man has continued to destroy Eorpe and the races must return to save her. Each of the Galonuhesgi have been bred for their Talent, taking their age and Caste into careful consideration for this day. Young TaeKuz, prophesized leader of the return, has not yet discovered his Talent despite the weight of the world weighing on his shoulders. How will he lead the races to save Eorpe and his people?

Laurence, Ernie, Jr.
Infinite Planeswalker
Life had been peaceful for Hadrin Skyforge, before the planeswalkers came. Two of the world shaping titans decided his back yard would be an ideal spot for a pitched battle. When they left, his family lay dead or dying along with the entire village. Hadrin thought he would die, too, but the battle ignited his spark, turning him into the thing he now hates most: a planeswalker. His first act was to bind his mother, a Soul Warden, to him. Now, having gathered all but one of the spells he seeks, Hadrin hunts down other planeswalkers and brings them to justice, his justice.
Fastion is one such planeswalker…and he has the last spell.

Luis, Ernie
Human Hands
A rogue robot is captured and sentenced to a maximum security prison at the edge of the galaxy, meant only for the most dangerous of criminals.
Which leads him to wonder why a human is his cellmate.

Phipps, M. A.
Struggling to come to terms with a recent tragedy, a man must find the strength to face the one responsible for the events that have changed his life.

Richardson, I. 
Pub Grub
When a stranger calls into a London Pub the regulars have to reconsider their usual British aloofness.

Robins, Thomas
You can never truly know another person. Even if that person is your parent. Or your child. Megan’s mother is on her deathbed when she tells her daughter of a secret life…and how Megan can have one of her own.

Swardstrom, Will 
It’s been twenty-three years since his home planet was destroyed. A typical day clearing asteroids brings him a life changing message, a voice from the past that he will never forget.

Thompson, K.R.
The Dragon Within
A prince on a quest, a princess forever caught in slumber, a witch who foretells the future, and a fire-breathing dragon that isn’t what it seems. Find out what happens in this twist to the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty.

Wheatley, Nerys 
Real Life
She is just the beginning. He will take many more. But first, she’ll have to survive.

Williams, Bob
Something In The Air
Robert attends his favorite restaurant for a quite dinner alone. He bypasses a ‘Wait to Be Seated’ sign en route to an a open table. The sign clearly said: Wait to Be Seated.

Woodswalker, L.
You can get even when people smash your property…but what about about so-called “acts of God”? This is an unshamedly silly story. Flash fiction is the perfect place to present the most outrageous ideas in a humorous way.

If you have any questions please email Preston at cdguylhs@hotmail.com



Voting will run from September 7, 2015 – midnight on September 13, 2015.  A person will be able to vote every twenty-four hours.   When voting, a person can vote for up to three (3) stories.  The story with the most votes at the end of the voting period wins.  Happy voting.  Good luck to all of the authors.

What did you think of the stories and this competition?  Let us know in the comments.

Who Should Win The Flash Fiction Challenge?


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