I started doing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads before I started this blog.  I am going to break this up into two sections, Blog Reviews and Amazon Reviews.  All of the reviews I do on the blog will be posted to Amazon, but this way you can have a link to all of my Amazon Reviews (pre-blog days) and Blog Reviews.

Blog Reviews:

Anspach, Jason
‘TIl Death

Christy, Ann
Yankari: A Talking Earth Tale

Chu, Wesley
The Rebirths Of Tao (Tao Series Book 3)

Cline, Ernest
Ready Player One

Garner, Hank
Writer’s Block (The Weston Files Book 1)

Garner, Ian
American Son

Robins, Thomas
Desperate To Escape

Summers, Kevin G.
The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth, Part III 

Thompson, K.R.
Pan: The Untold Stories Of Neverland

Amazon Reviews:

Barr, Ellisa
Outage (Powerless Nation Book 1)
Voyage (Powerless Nation Book 2)

Bunker, Michael
Brother, Frankenstein
Pennsylvania 1
Pennsylvania 2: Non-Electric Boogaloo
Pennsylvania 3: All Quiet in the Amish Zone
Pennsylvania 4: Thou Shalt Not
Pennsylvania 5: The Peaceful Kind
Pennsylvania Omnibus
The Santa Anna Gold
Dunes Over Danvar
Dunes Over Danvar 2: Salvage
Dunes over Danvar Part 3: Sand Hawk
Dunes Over Danvar Omnibus
Hugh Howey Must Die!
The Wild Ones: A Pennsylvania Short Story
The Silo Archipelago

Chu, Wesley
The Lives Of Tao
The Deaths Of Tao

Cole, Nick 
Apocalypse Weird: The Red King (WYRD Book 1)

Davies, WJ
Binary Cycle
Silo Submerged: (The Runner, The Diver, The Watcher)

Diem, Rebecca
The Stowaway Debutante (Tales of the Captain Duke Book 1)

Dillon, RG
Mineko: Book of Sisters

Garner, Hank
Mulligan: A Tale of Time Travel and Second Chances (The Mulligan Cycle Book 1)
The Witching Hour:  A Short Story

Gurley, Jason
Wolf Skin
The Dark Age: A Short Story
The Last Rail-Rider: A Short Story About the End of the World

Hancock, John Gregory

Howey, Hugh
Sand: Part 1 – The Belt of the Buried Gods
Sand: Part 2 – Out of No Man’s Land
Sand: Part 4 – Thunder Due East
Sand Omnibus

Kohler, Paul B
Borrowed Souls
Linear Shift, Part 1
Linear Shift, Part 2
Linear Shift, Part 3
Linear Shift Part 4
Linear Shift (Omnibus)
Ruined Sacrifice
An Anthology of Short Stories: Summer 2014

Oppel, Kenneth
The Boundless

Peralta, Samuel
Hereafter: A Story of Love and Time Travel (Tales from the Labyrinth)
Humanity (Tales from the Labyrinth)
Faith (Tales from the Labyrinth)
Trauma Room (Tales from the Labyrinth)

Pourteau, Chris 
Gelassenheit:  B Company Origins
Gettysburg: B Company Book 1
Susquehanna:  B Company Book 2
Columbia:  B Company Book 3
Tales Of B Company:  The Complete Collection
Unconditional: A Tale of the Zombie Apocalypse

Quinn, Susan Kay

Smith, Daniel Arthur
The Cathari Treasure (Cameron Kincaid Book 1)
Hugh Howey Lives
Opening Day: A Short Story

Summers, Kevin G.
The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth, Part I
The Man Who Shot John Wilkes Booth, Part 2
The Paladin
No. 38 

Swardstrom, Will
Dead Sleep

Ward, Timothy C.
Scavenger:  Red Sands (Scavenger Book 1)


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