The Sixth Leighgendary Shorts Is…

The votes have been counted.  The sixth Leighgendary Shorts, with 46% of the votes is:


On the day she was born, he left for the stars.

He watches her grow up on screens. Misses her first words. Misses her first steps. She’s never kissed his scratchy cheek, or fallen asleep on his shoulder. He’s never wiped away her tears, or sung her to sleep.

Now she’s a toddler, and he’s about to enter hibernation sleep — and when he wakes nearly 150 years in the future, his family will be gone.

This is a short story for every father who never wants his daughter to grow up.

Jason Gurley is one of the first indie authors that amazed me.  I don’t exactly remember how I discovered him but his stories just keep getting better and better.  His short stories are some of the best out there.  I have yet to find a Jason Gurley story that does not grab you the whole way through.  He is one of those authors that will cause you to lose sleep because you have to keep reading.  You have to know what is going to happen.  You are in for a real treat if you have never read Jason Gurley.  This story remains one of my favorites, even though it is a very emotional story.

You can buy The Dark Age on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle App for $1.99.  If I were you though, I would spend an extra $3 and get Deep Breath Hold Tight: Stories About the End of Everything for $4.99.  Deep Breath Hold Tight is a collection of seven Jason Gurley short stories and they are all amazing.

I look forward to discussing this story with you on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoy the story.

Let the voting begin for the next Leighgendary Shorts. Voting will end on September 10, 2015 at 8:00 am (est). You can vote once every twelve hours:

What should the seventh Leighgendary Shorts be?

The Barn That Hanna Built by Lesley Smith

In the City, Transport is circling and TRACE is fighting a losing battle.  Hanna Strauss is a techno-whiz on the front line known by the handle Gordian.  She’s a foot soldier in the war, a hacker who cracks the hardest computer codes for fun.  Hanna dreams of crossing the Uncanny Valley and creating a virtual environment so perfect it fools the human mind.  When Transport comes looking for Gordian, for her research and her brain, Hanna finds herself in the AZ, face to face with the Farm Bureau, and is offered the ultimate in assignments:  to bring down Transport from the inside by rebuilding the Internet from the ground up.  This will be the barn that Hanna built – and all those trapped inside will one day know freedom…

Alien Space Tentacle Porn by Peter Cawdron

A 1950s hospital.  Temporary amnesia.  A naked man running through Central Park yelling about alien space tentacles.  Tinfoil, duct tape, and bananas.  These are the ingredients for a spectacular romp through a world you never thought possible.

Whispers by Ian Garner

Bruce hears voices. Whispers reminding him of death and betrayal. Now he must face the mistakes of his past so he can secure peace in his future.

Maker by Sam Best

Decades after the birth and abandonment of artificial intelligence, a reclusive inventor comes face to face with an evolved form of his creation.  The world as he knew it is changed as a direct result of his tinkering.  Yet with the arrival of his creation, the inventor learns there is hope to correct his past mistakes, if he is brave enough to try…

Gloria by Hugh Howey

All those fingernails gouging and scrambling against the bark of the tree.  Mother and daughter sat above, quietly crying and whispering false hopes, cornered like cats by a pack of dogs.  Gloria jostled with the pack beneath the limb.  There was no escape, Gloria saw…Not for any of them.


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